Tips to Having a Good Customer Support

Customer Support 

In each business, customer support is one of the most important things. By having and maintaining a good customer service, a company can grow as fast as it can be.


Good customer support consists of having a wide range of product knowledge, skilled in customer handling such as good listener and comprehending the needs or inquiry of your customer, navigating your resources to give correct and accurate information to your customer.

Good customer support doesn’t mean you need to give what the customer wants to hear or what your customer wanted all the time. Positive para phrasing and giving proper expectation is a must in this area. Positive para phrasing is, when you need to tell your valued customer about something that is not good or something that you know your customer can be upset, by positive para phrasing you can deliver the bad news in nice way. First is, acknowledge the customer concern, advice the customer of the current status of the product, give your sympathy and empathy, lastly, you need to make sure that the customer understand your process by explaining what you will do to help them and give them assurance that you will be taking care of the situation by giving them proper expectation.

Customer support is the main channel for a company to be successful. Once a company delivers a good customer service it is a domino effect that they will have 90-100% customer retention. Keeping your customer is a vital need of a company because they will be the reason of your business success.